The Oriental Robot (Part II)

-part 2- development

You might ask, why a deer?

The truth is, I gained all my ideas to create certain things through hearing-i.e. music, pieces, songs, etc. From the abstract hearing, develop into visual picture-/feeling drawn inside mind.

So, what was the “music mood” when I was brainstorming the ideas for this assignment? Well, since it’s Chinese New Year season (January-February), “oriental pieces” are filling my vibe-list. There many music on my list but I’m going just simplify it by mentioning which are the pieces has a big impact on this “brainstorming phase”

  1. The Way of Honour – by Marcus Warner (Marcus Warner – The Way of Honour)

2. Limpid Glow -無双OROCHI3

3. 鹿 (lu-deer) -by TOMO

Those are some of the top notch lists. And funny enough the song on the second list is called “deer”. Hence I decided to choose deer as the base animal for my character creation.

After I have set my starting point, I did some research of story-mythology-fable, etc. for this animal that I had chosen i.e. DEER.

There are many inspiring role that deer has in the record of mythology as a read such as:

1.The Legend of White Deer;

Art by: Wingwolf (

2. Being a messenger of God;

3. Gold Horned Deer (Slavic);

4. Sacred animal in Japan;

5. As the accompany of Jurōjin (Seven Gods of Fortune); -Jurojin

6.Deer Dance in Japan (Ritual);

7. Fuzhu 夫诸 (Deer-like creature with four antlers who is gentle and sweet and brings floods and chaos everywhere it goes.)

etc. (more->)

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